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International Innovative Group, Inc.
2375 SW 183 Terrace
Miramar, FL 33029
Phone: (954)636-1863
Fax: (615) 634-0784
Skype ID: internationalinnovativegroup

  International Innovative Group., Inc

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The aboriginal aggregation in what was after to become the International Innovative Group, Inc was founded in 1984 and bound grew to accommodate high-level consulting casework to some of the world’s better and best celebrated corporations. Over the years, International Innovative Group, Inc Consulting, as it is accepted today, has been appreciative to calculation amid its audience such industry as FML Construction Company LLC, F & J Community Development Corporation, Fountain of Life Mission Center, Inc., LLM Investment Inc., United Home Inspection, Inc., M & B Lawn & Landscaping, Inc., Bebet Shipping, Inc., Nationwide Car Shipping, LLC., Helping Hand Mission Center, Inc. They accept additionally helped a host of start-up companies to get themselves positioned for success, and accept assisted in a abundance of cogent acquisitions.

The International Innovative Group, Inc is a amalgamation of companies, business units, and ally which amalgamate to accommodate a abounding spectrum of avant-garde solutions to circuitous banking and business problems.

Our casework awning the abounding spectrum of the business "ecology", from start-up ventures to multi-national enterprises. Whatever your "niche", they accept the acquaintance and the abilities to advice you become a added agile, able competitor. They can advice you anticipate and plan strategically, accouterment you with structures, processes, and technologies you charge to survive and advance in a apple of accelerated adapt and capricious bazaar forces. They can abetment you in accepting the costs you charge to abound your business or complete your project. Wherever you acquisition yourself, whatever the challenges you may be facing, The International Innovative Group, Inc can help.

As the needs of it is barter became added assorted and complex, the aggregation connected to abound and diversify, gluttonous out seasoned, chief admiral with all-encompassing real-world acquaintance to accompany a growing aggregation of all-around experts in business management, accumulated finance, all-embracing trading, and advice technology. With the aim of acceptable the company’s adeptness to accommodate integrated, end-to-end solutions tailored to anniversary customer’s alone requirements, International Innovative Group, Inc focused on alluring able executives, anniversary an able in their field, who had managed above business units or congenital their own acknowledged businesses. As the capabilities of the aggregation added and the cardinal of ally multiplied, the name “The International Innovative Group, Inc” was adopted to accompany focus to the accommodating attributes of the assets that the aggregation can accompany to buck on account of its clients.

The International Innovative Group, Inc currently focuses on accouterment private, discrete, and artistic business solutions and controlling consulting casework to audience all over the world. By leveraging the group’s all-embracing resources, the International Innovative Group, Inc can accommodate its audience with solutions that transcend geographic, regulatory, and cultural boundaries.


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Who uses our products?

International Innovative Group, Inc maintains a low-key presence and local relationships in a number of major cities around the world in order to provide personalized, attentive, and private services throughout Asia, Oceania, Europe, and The Americas.